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Recent Restrictions have re-evaluated our relationship with the things we use and how they are made. It outweighs the local over the global and is now more than ever important to seek preparedness, practicality, sustainability. 


The qualities of natural materials and hand-made processes are now becoming more popular than ever, and minimalism is embraced as a lifestyle rather than an aesthetic. This is about design with a shared sense of purpose and continuity, where products, systems, and materials require reduced resources, less maintenance, and get better with age. The Cork Bomber Jacket and Cork Trousers is a prime example of how conscious materials with lower-impact can become a key sustainable development in our wardrobe. 


The preserved Cork and responsibly farmed cotton bring durability and raw character, enhanced by a strike of metallic foil overlay for an eco, electrifying finish. Resulting in a design that will last for the long term, and not just for a season